On The Edge Farm

All natural Vermont farm-raised meats, preserves, pies & gifts

About us

Our children might not agree, but it seems that we are finally “cool.” My husband, Bill, and I have been practicing natural, sustainable farming for over 20 years... it's nice that the world is finally catching on, and—lucky for us—we don't know how to do it any other way!

We take great pride in our farm-raised, grass and natural grain-fed beef and pork. Respect for our livestock really is a respect for our customers and ourselves. These are beautiful animals... and delicious!

I learned to make jams and jellies from my mother. Squeezing a cheesecloth is therapeutic. So is making pie crust. I can't think of a more rewarding way of spending my time than to make delicious food for our customers to enjoy.

It would not be possible to accomplish all that we have without the talents of our community. We make use of local goods and services almost exclusively and feature the work of local artisans, bakers, and crafters at our farmstand.

We are all connected. Living and working in central Vermont's Prosper Valley, that fact is self-evident: the land, the weather, the animals, our family, friends, and neighbors. We want to connect with you too. Please stop by our farmstand, one of the farmers’ markets, or call on the phone... and thank you for valuing natural foods.


Winter Hours
Friday, Saturday & Sunday:

photo by: Lisa Lacasse


We believe in community participation. That is why we make use of as many local products and services as possible.